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Lana jumping down from the stage to hug and greet fans at the Lovebox Festival while singing Nation Anthem. (x)

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Justin Bieber Me & Mrs Bieber My Little Angel

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The Fame Monster

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hey guys :) as you might have heard of thebelieberfond, a project we have started to help Beliebers all around the world… We made this top (above) to help raise money. so if you would like to buy it » http://TBFshop.org. click on the top » write your size (medium, large, small) » checkout. price: $40/£25 [shipping is included so no additional charges] (you can convert the currency to see how much it will cose for you) it’s completely safe, we’ve had some buyers already :) even if not buying it then please do reblog this.

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Justin and Avalanna Routh (A.K.A Mrs. Bieber)


Justin and Avalanna Routh (A.K.A Mrs. Bieber)

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I don’t think I could live without Demi especially. Miley Cyrus

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